Finding A Cheap Colocation Hosting Service For Your Budget

There are lots of hosting services available for every customer these days. One of them is colocation servers that have its unique features compared to other services. This type of server is just like your dedicate server placed within a data center where others are also stored. This data center will help you get a dependable network and security system that will meet your website needs. one of the benefits in getting this type of service is it’s much affordable. You’ll find cheap colocation hosting services online that will still give you utmost benefits in terms of network connection so you’re assured the site will be up an running. Installation is also not an issue as they’ll help you with it.

These service providers can install your server and you can immediately login to test it out. Another feature they can offer to your business is the fact that they’re open for any server expansion that you may need. This is beneficial for you once your business has expanded and would need to have additional server spaces without ruining its overall function. Because of this service, you may find that some of these service providers may offer them at a more costly price but you’ll still find others that offer cheap colocation hosting services that will meet your budget. With the help of these services, you’re assured to have the same connectivity features at a valuable cost. You just have to search online properly to find these companies that offer this service.

Without a doubt, cheap colocation hosting services are the best solution for you especially if you’re on a budget. a lot of service providers list their services online that you can compare. By checking out lots of companies, the most affordable services are within your reach. Check out the service providers that are near your areas so you can have immediate access on their services. Aside from listing services online, many online sites review these companies and take note of the features to know them in a glimpse. Searching online is the key for you to find the best companies to offer this service.

Web Host Rebates – What Are They and How Do They Work?

Webhosting rebates are a great tool to use when searching for a web host. They can save you a ton of money on your hosting needs. A lot people do not take advantage of this great part because they don’t understand how it works and they don’t trust the sites that do it. If you know what to look for and how rebates work you can take advantage of these great offers and save yourself some money.

What are Hosting Rebates?

Hosting rebates come from sites that support certain web hosts. The idea is that you sign up for a hosting plan through a link provided to you by the rebate site. Once you sign up for a hosting plan the rebate site will then give you a rebate. This is not a normal rebate like you would get from your cell phone company. It is not the actual hosting company giving the rebate and you won’t find anything about the hosting rebate in your process to sign up for the hosting plan. Rebate sites have set up marketing agreements with the hosts they support and they get paid for sending customers to the host. They then take a portion of the payment and give it to their customer as a rebate.

How Do Web Host Rebates Work?

I’ll walk you through the whole process step by step and then I will have an example below to show it to you. After doing your research you finally decided you want to go with a certain host. You then go to the rebate site and fill in the information they need to give you the rebate. After that there is a link that is generated for you which you click on and it takes you to the web hosts normal homepage. You sign up for a hosting plan like normal and you pay the normal amount at the host’s site. You then receive a check or paypal payment from the rebate site and this how the whole process works. Let’s check out an example to see how this works:

Our Host: (Normal cost for xhostingplan1= $90 for a year)

Our Rebate site: (they give a $50 rebate for

I’ll be the customer:

I do research and decide on –> I go to and I fill out the form (should just be a paypal email or address and the host I chose) —> I click on the link and I go to Xhost’s homepage —> I buy xhostingplan1 for $90 —> I receive a rebate from in the amount of $50

That’s it. That is the whole process. This means that instead of spending $90 on hosting I spent $40 on hosting and for doing virtually nothing. Now get out there choose the right host! Good Luck and Get Started!

Should You Join ViralHosts? Find Out in This Third Party Review

Have you ever heard of ViralHosts? Maybe. But how can you conclude as to what makes it a requisite to your online business, when you are all the time bombarded with other so-called opportunities?

In short, I would say that ViralHosts is an all-in-one website hosting, traffic generator, list builder and mailing system that professionally targets network marketers in general.

So, why should you join ViralHosts?

First of all, ViralHosts is free to join. Even if the real value of the system is in the upgraded memberships, being able to try the system before you actually purchase is definitely a good thing. You can choose to upgrade anytime from inside the member area. All memberships have great usefulness.

ViralHosts is marketer-friendly, and provides trustworthy web hosting to anyone who joins. As an online business owner or a network marketer, it is a definite requirement to have a website. If you want to own a successful online business, owning a website is a must. Ask yourself, do you know any successful network marketer who doesn’t have at least one website (including a blog)? The answer surely is a big NO.

The hosting division of ViralHosts is based on cPanel, which is one of the most fashionable hosting panels in the world. Support is great and as an upgraded member you also have access to an auto-installer system for WordPress and lots of other scripts, as well as not one but two website builders with more than 900 templates. It is a known proven fact that with ViralHosts you can set up a website in just a few minutes.

Think that’s great? Well, we’ve only just scraped the tip of the iceberg! ViralHosts allows its members to refer others in the system. So if you’re a member, you know you can refer as many people as you want whilst building your personal list, which ultimately grows very deep (we’re talking from 5 to 7 levels of downline), who you are allowed to email every 5 to 7 days. Obviously, doing so, you will be earning commission through referring. It’s said that to make money fast you need a list…and this system provides all means to do this almost on autopilot, whilst increasing your income.

You earn cash when your referrals choose to upgrade. ViralHosts has a high commission structure that allows you to earn recurring commissions and make some extra cash. Through the system you get to make from 5 to 20 cents per thousand page views on your personal website or blog, and from 5 to 20 cents per thousand from all your personal referrals.

There’s more…If you upgrade, you’ll have the permission to email from 3,000 to 6,000 random members every 3 days! That’s 30,000 to 60,000 emails sent per month! Keep in mind that most ViralHosts members are internet marketers and alike so think of all the qualified leads you could have! With just one sale you can already be making a profit!

ViralHosts provides the use of text and banner ads, which create more traffic to your website or blog. You simply have to purchase credits and design your ads. There are lots of different ways to generate traffic with ViralHosts…and it’s incredibly cheap and super easy! So, potentially speaking, ViralHosts can be your own traffic generator tool friend.

Even if you already own a website or blog, the web hosting section remains beneficial because you can easily get quality backlinks. You know how important inbound links are to search engines. They help your website or blog rank higher in search engines and build a strong, durable online presence.

The overall value of the ViralHosts system is far worth the price, especially if you get your hands on the one-time offer. For only $197 per year you get quality web hosting, a traffic generation tool, a downline builder and most importantly a system mailer that allows you to send 30,000 emails per month! In other words, for just 53 cents per day, you get the potential to send up to 360,000 emails for a whole year, not adding up all the people that you would already have built in your own downline!

In my opinion, ViralHosts is truly a mighty web service. As an internet marketer, affiliate manager or network marketer, you must not miss out on this system! If you havn’t joined yet, register now and take full advantages of all the features and benefits!

It is essential though to learn how to gain leads in order to become a successful network marketer. You can’t do without a powerful system that will give you with lots of leads that eventually get to provide you with more income. But most importantly, you have to learn how to position yourself as a successful leader.Only if you do this, you will be able to succeed in building a large online business empire. This is the mostly required ingredient to online success.

These Mistakes Are A Strict "No" While Choosing A Web Host

People often learn from their mistakes. However, learning from others’ mistakes is a good option rather than making it yourself and then repenting. Now, when it comes to hosting the website, even a single mistake is not allowed. 1 hour of downtime can cause a serious impact on the business and hamper online reputation.

There are a variety of incidents, wherein startups and businesses became prone to dangers of poor web hosting. If reviews are strictly monitored, the pain points can be learnt and felt. A good host is needed, but along with it, an easily approachable and reliable solution provider is needed too. If you compromise on anything, your online business will be ruined and hence, it is advised to give sufficient time in order to make a decision. It takes a deep understanding, lot of efforts and lot of money to host a website.

As a responsible owner, you must be aware about budget web hosting solutions, so as to save some extra bucks. However, you need to avoid these common mistakes, while choosing a provider.

1. Searching top ones!

In the online world, you might find both types of people, good as well as bad. Don’t fall for fake lists such as “Top web host providers”. Many a times, these list creators charge a huge amount, for including the provider in the list. Majority of them are not reliable and don’t host quality data. So strictly avoid such things.

2. Looking for “Unlimited”

This is the most common mistake made by bloggers. Generally, they think that the providers who offer “Unlimited” space, are the best options available. However, the term unlimited doesn’t work well in this industry. Hosting unlimited domains is just impossible. So, don’t fall for this luring word.

3. Considering only price factor

When business owners are choosing host for the 1st time, the pricing must not be the only factor to be considered. Cheap plans are good, but one must understand the difference between “Affordable” and “Cheap”. The price factor should not rule your choices. Opt for decent professionals, who offer affordable solutions. Web hosting price comparison will help you make a better decision.

4. Ignoring the mailing policy

Many people aren’t interested to check out the ToS or mailing policy related to the field. If terms and conditions aren’t read while signing up, big troubles can be expected. This case is very common with unlimited hosts. The resource usage is limited through ToS and there are several limits on the mailing policy also.

5. Duration

If a business owner doesn’t have any experience in dealing with a these companies, he shouldn’t make any advance payments, nor should he sign up for a longer duration. In such situations, getting the amount back becomes difficult. These providers might force you to change your plan mid-way, causing great inconvenience, and you aren’t allowed to claim refund too.

So, consider these mistakes and avoid them, while choosing the provider.

How to Choose a Good WordPress Hosting

WordPress is becoming a very popular content management system (CMS), not only for blogs but also for websites. This is mainly due to its ease of use, flexible customization and with robust security. Largely, WordPress is used for blogs, although there have been intensive development of templates that are fit for regular websites. The application is more of a content management system backed by a database, and with a wide variety of web application extensions called plugins. Consequently, hosting a WordPress site needs more than what static page sites requires. Here are things to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting plan.

Disk space and Bandwidth

WordPress comes with its already designed template, of which takes a sizable amount of space in a web server. More importantly, the system has to be fed with content in form of text, images, videos and sometimes audio depending on the kind of site the owner is putting up. Therefore, WordPress requires sufficient disk space as well as bandwidth.

Server platform

WordPress is backed up by a MYSQL database, style sheets and numerous PHP scripts. Therefore, for a WordPress-based blog or site to work, the server needs to at least support MYSQL databases and PHP. WordPress systems run well in Linux based server platforms as opposed to Windows-based. These are some of the things you need to consider before paying for a WordPress hosting. Other things you may ask include emails and ftp accounts.

Online Backup Facility,

WordPress requires regular updating. At times things may go awry during updating of the content system or even upgrading of the server. This can result to lose of website files. To avoid such situations, your WordPress hosting should provide online backup facility so that you can constantly back up your website or blog when updating the system or the server applications.

Server Uptime

Another aspect which is quite important when it comes to choosing a good WordPress hosting plan is server uptime. Server uptime is a way of showing how effective the server is in terms of speed and availability. Apparently, this is one of the things web hosting companies or resellers will lie about. While server uptime should at least be 99%, many companies claim to offer 99.9% but actually very few of them do so. You don’t want your WordPress blog or site to be offline at any time, and so, you need to be quite adamant of this.

24 / 7 customer support

You also need to ensure that the hosting company is offering a customer support all times. This is to help you in case you land in trouble during installation, maintenance or upgrading of your WordPress site. This is something commonly forgotten by people looking for a web hosting provider. With WordPress, you can easily get stuck with technicalities that may be out of your knowledge leading to discontinuation of your website or blog online. Therefore, you should be able to reach for customer support at any time to get your woes solved.

Great Methods To Boost Your Reseller Hosting Business

In the web hosting industry business, competition is at a very high level. There are so many providers out there fighting each other to compare who provides the better service so that customers will select their packages. Online business owners need to use various methods to boost their business and this article will discuss in detail on how you can boost your business if you are in the reseller hosting business.

A reseller basically resells the resources that he paid from a parent hosting to another party. Therefore, they are not the real providers. Many customers want secured service nowadays and they will not like it if they are paying for some service provided by a middle man. As a reseller, we need to rebrand and repackage ourselves in order to disguise ourselves so that we do not appear to be the middle man. So, by removing the fact that we are the middle man, it gives us great credibility to our clients. The process of rebranding and repackaging is not difficult. Most hosting company provide their users with tools to redesign their control panel. You can also create your own logo and put it on your sales page to make it even more professional. The ultimate goal is to let the consumer think that you are the hosting company itself.

Once you have your own brand, you will need to find clients in order to have sales and profit. So, you need customers. With so much competition in the internet nowadays, it is not easy to go against huge companies that have a huge budget to use on marketing. Therefore, we need to know where to find our customers. The best areas to target are new users on the internet. These type of people are most likely to go for smaller hosting packages instead of huge ones. So, if you manage your offers appropriately, they will surely find your package attractive. If you can include web design and additional services with your offer, it would be even more ideal for them. You can easily find this type of users from forums about web hosting. Your job is to provide a solution to their hosting needs.

Starting a marketing campaign is also very useful because to succeed in the hosting industry, you need to be competitive. All the top companies are constantly marketing their products and services. They do not wait for customers to come to them. So, make good use of blogs, forums, social networks and all other marketing methods that you can get a hold of.

However, you should not forget the offline market. You see, those people who might want to start a website are people who do not have one yet. They might be people who are less IT savvy. So, to reach them, you will need to apply offline marketing techniques. You can use local classifieds to spread your services in a particular area. You can help those business owners to spread their business online so that they can promote their products internationally because the internet is borderless. This is very suitable for business owners who want to increase their exposure and expand their business.

So, remember that you need to be there when people are looking and always look for areas where you can monetize from your effort. To excel in the business world, you need to do the necessary things to succeed. So, put in the effort and results will naturally come.

Lemongrass Spa Review

Lemongrass Spa is a company that specializes in handmade, all-natural skin care products.  These products range from makeup, healing balms, bath products, lotions, soap and more.  The company may offer something promising for people who are looking for a network marketing opportunity and are passionate about these kinds of products.  Let’s talk about the company background and how everything works.

The company was started by Heidi Leist and the products offered cater to the spa industry.  Lemongrass Spa was started in 2002 which shows that their business model has proven the test of time.  If you’re familiar with the network marketing industry, then you know that most companies don’t last more than a couple of years.  So all signs point to Lemongrass Spa as a company that knows what they are doing.

How does their opportunity work?  By becoming part of their company, you are becoming what they call a consultant for their products.  You basically invest $159 into their starter kit to get started.  Along with the starter kit, you get a manual and a DVD that teaches you how to sell their products.  The main idea is to sell by setting up a spa party.

A spa party is basically where the guests can try out all types of product from skin care products, makeup, and skin treatments for free.  The whole idea is to set up a social event where guests feel like they are in a spa getting the full treatment.  Of course, the goal here is to get the guests to try out the products and make sales of all the different products that are being offered.

Hosting a spa party is the main way that consultants will do the selling.  It’s a great alternative to the whole pressure sales meetings because the guests can get free gifts, try out different products, and get the spa experience rather than listening to a rehearsed sales script.

As a consultant, you will earn a portion of the sale and also make 10% of the sale from the people that you sponsor into their network marketing opportunity.  This is a pretty fair compensation plan considering that many companies pay out less than 10% from your downlines.  There are also other bonuses and benefits of becoming a consultant with the company.

What makes this company stand out from others is that they really focus on creating quality products.  Most companies do very little in terms of the products and focus on the opportunity.  When this happens, people start to complain about the quality of the product and the company starts to develop a bad reputation, making it harder for you to succeed with the opportunity.

Lemongrass Spa Products is a solid opportunity if you are passionate about these kinds of products.  Many people are confident about being a consultant with the company because a lot of focus was spent on the quality of their products.  You should look for feedback from consultants about how everything works before you go ahead with Lemongrass Spa.  That way you will get a better idea whether or not it’s right for you.

9 Important Factors to Consider While Selecting a WordPress Hosting

WordPress has become an inevitable part of any blogger’s life. So, choosing the host provider for WordPress is as important as your blog. If you do not make the right choice, there are high chances that all your blogs/contents go in vain. Also, it is necessary that, you make an informed decision rather than just choosing it just because your friend chose it. We know that, almost every Host provider gives innumerable choices, resources and attractive packages. However, it is in our hands to see through the offers that they provide and choose wisely. Here are few things that you need to keep in mind, before choosing a WordPress Host provider.

1) Price:

Anything that is economic, attracts us. We ultimately end up buying the cheaper product/service. However, you should not jump into a conclusion of choosing a provider on the basis of price alone. There are chances that cheaper services may not be of great quality and satisfy your requirements. Also, it does not necessarily mean that the big name providers are always suitable. Check all the features and the offers of all the providers and later compare the prices. This will help you to take a better decision.

2) Preference:

It is a known fact that, each WP host provider, offers a variety of services and differs in characteristics. Not all the providers give what you want. You might have a set of requirements or preferences which matches with only some of the host providers. This way, you can easily shortlist the host providers.

3) Free WP hosting:

Free WP hosting is a great chance for new comers where they can share the server space with someone else for free. To start with, it is good. However, in a long run it is not recommended. Usually, the person/forum that provides the free server space will not be reliable. There are chances of them putting their own ads without your knowledge. Also, they might add some unnecessary text or images that will have no connection with your website. These services are highly unreliable as the free hosting can stop at any point and the sad thing is that you can’t even question the individual or the forum about it. Thus, if you are really serious about page or website, do not opt free hosting services.

4) Customer Reviews and feedbacks:

This factor is something you have to be very careful about. Nowadays, there are high chances of faking reviews in social media. So, try to read as many reviews as possible. Post questions in forums like Quora and get to know the honest reviews and feedbacks. Check if the host providers will get back to you in 24 hours in case of any query or issues. This will help you in a great scale.

5) Load Time/Speed:

Currently, almost 90% of the providers provide 99% up-time. However, there are only a handful of providers that load your pages in very few milliseconds. So, you have to go for providers that assure and provide speed.

6) Support and responsiveness:

Providing support and being available always is something you have to look for. Not all the companies are approachable and available 24/7/365. So, when you choose, look for the platforms that can be contacted via various means like phone, email, chat and ticket submission.

7) User Interface:

This is something inevitable. When you choose a host provider, it should be in such a way that you don’t call them every step in your setting up process. The user interface and the dashboard must be easy to use.

8) Backups and restoration:

Backups have become a crucial part of any host provider. Also, it must be easy to restore data easily. So, see to that, the host provider you choose allows automated backups and single click restoration.

9) Security:

Make sure your provider notifies you in case of security threats (hacking) and also a high standard security system that monitors your site time and again.

Now that you have some idea on how to choose a WP host provider, it is you who has to make the final move.

Learn From Kevin Jones – A Third Party MLM Review

Welcome to Kevin Jones website. This is simply one of the most beautifully designed websites I’ve visited in recent times. Its aesthetic beauty persuades you to stop over, while the web content makes you want to stay. It is basically a site for anyone interested in home-based business, especially network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing. The site contains numerous resources for network marketers, such as reviews of MLM companies and MLM personalities, training tools, articles on network marketing strategies and related miscellaneous topics.

Kevin is a former veteran of the music industry. At age 21 he had made a name as a recording artist, song writer and composer. He had worked with such renowned artists in the industry such as Taylor Dayne, Nayobe, Liz Hughes, Crystal Waters, Colonel Abrams, etc. Kevin had also had some minor roles in several of Spike Lee movies.

Kevin Jones embraced online marketing in the mid 90’s. But at the time, network marketing wasn’t his fort. It was his iTunes radio station, the “Nu Soul Radio” that defined his online success in 2007. The station played R&B and house music jams all the way from the 1960’s to the present in a uniquely remixed pattern. At the same time, Kevin was also into web hosting and web design. He personally designed and built Turbo Host USA, his own company.

He soon retired from web hosting business and went into network marketing proper. His foray into network marketing has not been without its pains. In his own words he hit “every roadblock imaginable” as he tried to implement what his sponsors had told him would bring success. But Kevin Jones is no stranger to pain. He had earlier battled cancer for 15 years, and won!

His turning point occurred when he came across MLSP (MLM Lead system Pro). It became obvious to him that he could turn his personality into an asset in MLM. It’s called self branding. At his website too he relates how learning from the gurus has helped him to overcome his initial obstacles in network marketing. Kevin now devotes most of his website resources towards helping people to succeed with their online businesses, no matter what line of business.

As stated earlier, his website features reviews of top players in the MLM industry. At the time I visited, the personality profile featured a woman generally regarded as the “queen of article marketing,” Sandra Essex. The website described Mrs. Essex as a household name in online article marketing, challenging readers to do a search on Google to convince oneself. I did, and the search returned many results.

Sandra Essex, the featured personality, also maintains a presence at both Facebook and Twitter. Her new eBook, “the 90-day Article Marketers’ Guide to Financial Freedom” is described at Kevin Jones’s website as containing everything a marketer would need to build a network marketing business based on the techniques that have worked so well for Sandra.

Kevin Jones has no doubt come a long way in network marketing. Rising from the early days of learning the ropes to the days of rookie mistakes, he has seen it all. By learning from his mistakes, learning from successful marketers, and also by simply refusing to give up, he has now attained the level of success that surely qualifies him to be called a top MLM trainer and marketer, even a leader. I suggest you take a look at his website for free tips on how you can build your own online business

An Honest Dennis Karganilla Review

Why Should You Read This?

You have landed on this page because you are researching Dennis Karganilla and want to learn more about this individual. It is recommended that if you want an honest review on Dennis Karganilla that you read everything on this website. I have reviewed some of the top experts in the home business industry and always ensure that I provide only the most relevant information that can help you to make a more well informed decision about a particular person or service.

Who Is This Dennis Karganilla Guy?

Mr. Dennis Karganilla is a highly sought after trainer and business owner that has enabled thousands of home business owners to use social media and videos to build their respective businesses. Before his accomplishments in the home business industry Dennis had worked with a web hosting company and was in charge of their pay-per-click accounts. Dennis contemplated ways to use the internet to bring in more business for his company without spending an excessive amount on pay-per-click advertising. After thorough analysis and market research he came to the conclusion that video and social media websites could be used to drive targeted traffic to his websites. Dennis, along with partner Jimmy Davis, now teach thousands of home business owners every single year, through the MLM Goldmind training course, how to use social media to build their business.

What Kind Of Value Does He Bring To The Market?

Dennis always seems to provide a lot of real value. As a matter of fact it is safe to say that Dennis and Jimmy were pioneers in the usage of social media for marketing a home business. Additionally Dennis and Jimmy created “My-Story Marketing,” a form of marketing that uses your own personal experiences and life stories to attract targeted leads and customers directly to you and your business. What I enjoy most about Dennis is his leadership qualities and that he is a true teacher. Dennis also has the ability to survey any struggling business, point out problems and recommend solutions that can literally transform any business.

Can Dennis Assist You?

Absolutely! Dennis and his MLM Goldmine video course has been responsible for the transformation of thousands of businesses in the network marketing industry. More and more people have benefited from the powerful marketing knowledge contained in this course and Dennis’ valuable insight about building businesses online. The MLM Goldmine is a course that is in very high demand and only takes a specific amount of students per session. From the endless positive testimonials I have read, it is safe to say that if you can take action and implement what Dennis teaches you can attain great results.

Final Thoughts On Dennis

Dennis isn’t someone who you will see in the spot light. He is just a passionate person and loves what he does. His desire to teach and help others is easily noticed from the amount of value he provides in his training course and anything he puts his name one. If I had to recommend one person who could show you a definite step-by-step process to use social media for building a business it would absolutely be Dennis Karganilla.