Why Choose Windows Hosting Reseller?

There are plenty of server hosting providers out there to satisfy your needs. Most of them offer superior technology support, 24/7 uptime, high storage space and bandwidth at the fraction of a cost. But how many of these can really deliver on their promises? Not many really. So while choosing the perfect server host for your website, it is important to choose one that delivers on its promises.

Windows Hosting Is the Way

There is a good reason why the Windows hosting is the most popular platform in the market. Most people working with computers today are using windows operating systems and associated software’s. When any of these people move to Windows hosting, the learning curve is very flat as they are already conversant with how Windows products work. But apart from the ease of use, there are plenty of other benefits that come with a Windows web hosting provider.

– Employing the.NET framework, Windows servers are the best.NET web hosting providers. Providing support for Active Server Pages and smooth performance of ASP.NET, any website using ASP to design pages should opt windows web hosting provider.

– Windows web hosting provides support for PHP better than any other hosts available at the moment. PHP is a popular web design choice among users and they can expect incredible performance if the site was run on Windows web hosting.

– SharePoint is a document and content management application that is popular all over the world for its intranet management capabilities. Being a Microsoft product, the best SharePoint hosting is provided only by Windows SharePoint web hosting.

– Windows hosting fully supports MS Access database and MySql. Any site running MS Access as the underlying database has to use Windows web hosting provider.

– Windows server 2003 was released to provide unprecedented security to the websites and manage high server loads. So far no other web host has been able to provide security or traffic management that comes even close to the performance of Windows Server 2003.

– Windows is considered the best dedicated web hosting for beginners because of the simple and intuitive admin control panel provided for the webmaster. Touted as the DotNet Panel, this control panel provides the ease of use we all know Windows for and enables access to all applications from central location.

– Regular updates and patches ensure supreme safety and smooth operation. Unlike other open source alternatives, Microsoft is dedicated to provide its users full value for their money. Hence the updates and upgrades are timely saving lots of hassles for the end user.

Many people skip Windows hosting due to the charges they demand. However money can never be greater if compared with safety, security and performance. Moreover, there are many Windows hosting resellers available in the market that enables users to use Windows hosting services at very reasonable costs. So what are you waiting for? Contact a Windows hosting reseller now and get a test of performance, security and speed.