Web hosting services

Which Web Hosting Type You Should Choose?

If you are new to web hosting services but want to decide which type you should use, you will definitely feel overwhelmed. There are numerous types of website hosting. Some types may be suitable for you while other types may be expensive for you and can not satisfy your needs. Therefore, you need to have a rough idea on the types of different business hosting and your own hosting needs.

There are many types of web hosting, such as free hosting, reseller hosting, shared hosting and many others. From my point of view, free hosting service is unsuitable for professional or large web sites though it has many advantages. Generally speaking, shared website hosting and dedicated website hosting are both popular among customers.

Shared Hosting

Shared business hosting is the most popular type and is preferred by most people. If you choose this kind of service, your website will be placed on the same server as many other websites and share the same web server resources.


  1. It is widespread and affordable. Generally shared web hosting is the cheapest form of business hosting because it costs just a few dollars per month. Because of this feature, it is preferred and adopted by many people.
  2. It delivers good performance. Being relatively cheap does not mean that it can not deliver good performance. It can suit the needs of most businessmen.


  1. It is less secure. Sharing space with other people’s websites on the same server can make your website less secure.
  2. It can not withstand increased traffic. Your website may be at risk for suspension if it has a lot of traffic suddenly. For large websites which have high traffic, dedicated hosting is a better choice.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting means you can get a whole server and your website can be housed on a server by itself. It is a little expensive and is for huge sites and larger companies.


  • It provides reliability and security
  • If you choose it you will be in charge of the server yourself, so you do not need to share space and bandwidth with other people.
  • It can withstand a sudden spike of traffic
  • It is suitable for websites which have much traffic.


  • It is expensive
  • It costs higher than shared hosting, so if you have a small website, you do not need to choose it.
  • It needs better skill
  • Only people who have good skill can provide dedicated hosting service.