Podcast Hosting

The Best Companies for Podcast Hosting

A podcast is ether an audio or video file available on the Internet that can be downloaded to personal devices like the iPods, personal computers, mp3 players, etc. Podcast hosting is the making of podcasts to be downloaded by subscribers of the podcast. This type of hosting on the Internet can either be free or not. Free hosting has restrictions in the limit of bandwidth that is allowed per host. Hosting services that require fees are more convenient because you are not limited to the bandwidth that you can use. Here are some hosting companies that you can employ for your hosting.

Libsyn. Liberated Syndication’s monthly prices ranges from $5 to $30 depending on the size of storage you want. Libsyn also has unlimited bandwidth, meaning you can post as many podcasts as you want and still enable your subscribers to download them efficiently.

HipCast. Formerly known as audioblog.com, this service has tools that allow users to make podcasts from scratch. It offers a 7-day trial and if you are satisfied, you have to pay the monthly fees.

GoDaddy. This service does not have unlimited bandwidth, so this is perfect for those who post with small sizes.

Odeo Studio. This company allows users to post for free, but with limited bandwidth. You can only upload a file up to 50 mb. Hosting a podcast free of charge has its limitations, so if you are for promoting a business, it is advisable to use the services of a host that requires monthly fees for your podcasts to be downloaded continuously.

It is an easy and convenient way to share your audio and video files to everyone all over the world. You can also use hosting for your business. Make sure to choose the best hosting service provider for your hosting requirements so your subscribers are satisfied.

Three Types of Podcast Hosting

There are three types of hosting that you can choose from. Knowing what type of podcasts you want to post allows you to choose which host to employ.

Casual Hobbyist Level. This one is just for fun. If you put audio and video files in your website that do not have much subscribers, employing a free server is the best choice. Since the traffic on your website is slow, you do not need a high limit or unlimited bandwidth that will cost you every month.

Hobbyist or Small Business Level. Service like Libsyn gives you unlimited bandwidth, which means you can download and transfer data from your website as much as you want. This is perfect if you are promoting a business that requires you to post audio and video files on your site.

Serious Hobbyist or Business Level. Powweb and Globat are the best servers for this type of hosting. If you have a business that you want to promote extensively on the Internet, you need a podcast hosting server that gives you unlimited bandwidth, RSS feeds for your audience, etc.

Sharing audio and video files has never been easier. Your subscribers can even have your latest podcasts downloaded automatically through the RSS feed. They no longer have to check your site for new posts and download them manually as the feed shares your newest posts directly to them.