Web Host Rebates – What Are They and How Do They Work?

Webhosting rebates are a great tool to use when searching for a web host. They can save you a ton of money on your hosting needs. A lot people do not take advantage of this great part because they don’t understand how it works and they don’t trust the sites that do it. If you know what to look for and how rebates work you can take advantage of these great offers and save yourself some money.

What are Hosting Rebates?

Hosting rebates come from sites that support certain web hosts. The idea is that you sign up for a hosting plan through a link provided to you by the rebate site. Once you sign up for a hosting plan the rebate site will then give you a rebate. This is not a normal rebate like you would get from your cell phone company. It is not the actual hosting company giving the rebate and you won’t find anything about the hosting rebate in your process to sign up for the hosting plan. Rebate sites have set up marketing agreements with the hosts they support and they get paid for sending customers to the host. They then take a portion of the payment and give it to their customer as a rebate.

How Do Web Host Rebates Work?

I’ll walk you through the whole process step by step and then I will have an example below to show it to you. After doing your research you finally decided you want to go with a certain host. You then go to the rebate site and fill in the information they need to give you the rebate. After that there is a link that is generated for you which you click on and it takes you to the web hosts normal homepage. You sign up for a hosting plan like normal and you pay the normal amount at the host’s site. You then receive a check or paypal payment from the rebate site and this how the whole process works. Let’s check out an example to see how this works:

Our Host: XHost.com (Normal cost for xhostingplan1= $90 for a year)

Our Rebate site: Xrebate.com (they give a $50 rebate for xhost.com)

I’ll be the customer:

I do research and decide on XHost.com –> I go to Xrebate.com and I fill out the form (should just be a paypal email or address and the host I chose) —> I click on the link and I go to Xhost’s homepage —> I buy xhostingplan1 for $90 —> I receive a rebate from XRebate.com in the amount of $50

That’s it. That is the whole process. This means that instead of spending $90 on hosting I spent $40 on hosting and for doing virtually nothing. Now get out there choose the right host! Good Luck and Get Started!